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Bulk and Hand Tied

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Hair SoftWear Line:
100% Remi Hair, European texture, unique polymer cross-linking treatment protects the life span and longevity of the hair. Helps to minimize tangling or matting. This line is available in Micro-Bond Wefts, Bulk Hair, and EZ plugs.

Loose hair that can be used for individual application, to make wefts or hairpieces, as well as numerous hair accessories.

EZ Plugs:
Perfect solution for individual installation. The bulk hair is presectioned mini-strands. This speeds up installation, prevents excess loss of hair, and ensures that hair does not become inverted during application. Can be used with a variety of individual extension applications.

Zig-Zag Wefts:
Hand-made wefts designed to lay flat on the scalp. Wefts can be cut with minimal shedding.

Relaxed Texture:
Our unique processing designed to replicate relaxed and permed straight hair. Ideal for a more natural look without swelling or tangling.

Weft Closures:
If you are having trouble concealing the top of your weave, look no further. The specially designed weft closures are created to complete a weave and create a natural part. By using a skin top base, the closure is able to mimic the scalp.

Custom Wigs:
Extensions Plusís knowledgeable wig designers have over 20 years experience, and can create a custom wig to meet all your needs.

Assorted Natural Skin Tops:
Full piece wigs that create a natural skin effect for the front of the wig.

Banana Clips/Clip Attachment/Ponytails:
We can custom design any ponytail attachment or recreate your current piece.

We specialize in custom and stock made shaitels with the finest grade of European Hair (strictly). These pieces have skin top to imitate the scalp.

Build Your Own Hairpiece:
Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable and creative wig specialist to design your own of a kind custom hair piece. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Any of our Ready Made and Custom Products are available for use in any production. For special rates and more information contact us.